AGGIE@ 21:33 25-10-2013, IP:
Hi dear Lefthans,

Would you please be so kind to sent my email about that Irish concert with OISÍN to Carla Peuijn? Perhaps they are interested!

carla peuijn@ 14:48 27-11-2012, IP:
hallo beste mensen !
is er een mogelijkheid tot het sturen van een nieuwsbrief m.b.t. jullie aktiviteiten ?
we zij beiden gek op (o.a.) folk en ierse muziek, komen van oorsprong uit de buurt van arnhem, maar wonen sinds 13 jaar in friesland.
af en toe zijn we in de buurt (of als het echt leuk is, komen we er voor), en zouden dan graag op de hoogte zijn van wat er bij jullie "speelt".
hopelijk tot "horens", groet ron en carla peuijn (beiden 59 jaar en "muziekgek"0
f e r @ 10:17 05-02-2012, IP:
Wat een prachtige site Hans.
Ik heb genoeten, en mijn complimenten voor jullie

fer van "Jullie Stekkie"
Ikke@ 03:51 04-08-2011, IP:
Aggy@ 22:56 17-06-2011, IP:
Hi Schamrock and Chevy!

Saw your footage on TV Gelderland for the programme -Geniet-!
Very good! Loved it!

And by the way: glad that drummer of Cargan left his drums at home!

See you next Sunday at Heeren Dubbel in 's-Heerenberg!

Ted@ 22:29 08-03-2011, IP:
Hey Hans

Speaking for the Single club, the 16 th of january 2011, was a great experience for us all, hopefully the money was enough to cover the costs for your trip. Thx for judging the way you did, we might come back one day so be prepared

Aggy@ 01:01 31-03-2010, IP:
Hi Paddy,
Tonight I saw a beautiful film about Ireland! Missed you there, but you were busy on Radio Mozaïek in Zevenaar being a DJ! WOW! Good job! Well done!
Is the next gig/folksession at Hotel Montferland in Zeddam? Please let us (your friends) know where to find you! Hopefully it's at Heeren Dubbel because the sound is better there!

Geantwoord op: 22:27 02-04-2010

Hi Aggy,
I know "Nothing Personal" shot in Connemara. Bin there, good music and the best place 2 to be. Galway City is one of the best places to find trad music. Its the gate to Connemara. Be Prepaired they say.
Coming session is in Hotel Montferland Zeddam. Just got the message. Spread the word!!!!
C U and happy Easter 2 you and all your love ones. God Bless.

Agnes@ 21:51 07-03-2010, IP:
Hi Hans!

What a great craic we had this afternoon at an extra folksession Heeren Dubbel!
The band Tin Bath, some German musicians and ofcourse you and some people from Sonas Project made our day!
Wow, what an energy we got from the lot of you and we all enjoyed it very much!!! Thanks !
Looking forward to the next session on the 21th of March!

Maud, Martin, Annemieke, Bert, Ton, Tineke, Ronald, Gerard en Agnes
Geantwoord op: 11:26 08-03-2010

Thx Agnes,
It sure was a craic 4 all. Many red haired (and other coloured) people where singing along and everebody had a good time. 2 bad Tin Bath wasn't complete this time. Never the less they showed their musical caracter.....
Anchore Anchore!!

God Bless and C U soon.
Next gig; Shamrock & Chevy at Borghuis Doetinchem 13th of March 6 PM.!

Hans@ 06:09 09-12-2009, IP:
Het duurde ff voordat ik weer controle had over de site vanwege nwe Pc en software. We wensen al onze trouwe bezoekers en vrienden en verdomd goed en muzikaal 2010.
God Bless travel save......Hans
Aggy@ 00:28 10-11-2009, IP:
Hi Shamrock and Chevy!

We've really enjoyed your gig last Saturday in the Lantaern in Zevenaar! You were very good and the songs were great! The Haflinger-tune was beautiful, Chevy! Perhaps you can play that tune again at one of the folksessions?
And congrats for being a granddad now! Hopefully your daughter will be well soon!
And by the way: you both have saved the Lantaern-evening! Otherwise it would have been pityfull, I think!!!

So well done lads, keep up the good spirit and see you lot next Sunday at Hotel Montferland in Zeddam. The usual time I suppose, so from 14.00 untill 17.00H?

Thanks again!
Geantwoord op: 05:23 10-11-2009

Hi Aggy,

Thx 4 this fine compliment. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the evening very much. Thx 4 dropping in BTW, we appreciated it.
Will give Charles a signal that a positive message is on..... The old generation saved "the Lantaern" once again.
Time is as usual. Hopefully Anna is back then but don't think so.

Slan and C U Paddy.